About Us

Hi, My Name is Duane!
I was born in the then little town of Princeton, NJ 1956. Realizing at age 7 that I had a nack for drawing I constantly immersed myself in the drawing of cartoons.( I never could draw anything that was supposed to look realistic ) At age 10 my father moved the family up to Northeastern. PA as time progress, I became fasinated with letters, shapes of letters,how they are shaded and enhanced. One thing led to another and people wanted me to do posters and signs for their businesses. Well out came the magic markers and colored pencils. Then one day someone said "Why dont you be a sign painter!" Well, that was that!! 34 years and 3 mentors later, Ive been hand lettering, along with all other aspects of the sign business whether its hand lettering, digital or vinyl. Remember ....My job is to make you look good!!
Duane Greubel @ Signs by Greubel,LLC.